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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to share his thoughts with the people in monkey bar today the 66th episode of the monthly radio programme will be broadcast on the entire network of AI R and do darshan at 11 a.m. [Music] after Rajasthan swarm of locusts threatened the skies of jelly Haryana wouldthe Pradesh three districts of Delhi on high alert Delhi government issues advisory Haryana Government eliminates about 35% of the locusts by spreading pesticides [Music] in Assam 80 lives lost due to floods heavy downpour in the last 24 hours over 4.5 lakh people affected due to floods in 25 districts relief measures underway.


recovery rate from Corbett in the country is more than 58% number of active cases processed one lakh ninety seven thousand Ministry of Health releases revised clinic management for preprint of corporate patients steroid dexamethasone approved as the treatment [Music] I’m global number look over 19 positive cases nears a grim mark of Ankara over 50 lakh have recovered death toll more than 4 lakh 98,000 u.s. wall stayed with over 25 lakh confirmed cases global cope with 19 fundraising meeting raises six point nine billion dollars for tests treatment and vaccine Ananya watching dnews and I’m free to presenting.

The bulletin on top story first Prime Minister Narendra Modi

the bulletin on top story first Prime Minister Narendra Modi will share his thoughts with the people in the country and abroad in his monkey bath radio program at 11:00 a.m. today it will be the 66th episode of the monthly radio program it will be broadcast on the entire network of vir and do darshan and will also be streamed live on the youtube channels of AI r DD news PMO and Information and Broadcasting ministry AI R will broadcast the programme in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast the regional language versions will be repeated at 8:00 in the evening after Rajasthan swarm of locust threatens.

the skies of Delhi Haryana and Uttar Pradesh locust swarms move from Rajasthan to Revati in Haryana on Friday swift control operations were launched however leftover locusts again regrouped and the swarm divided into three groups one of which moved towards guru clam and from there to free the bot and onwards to utter pradesh and other locusts swarm moved towards Dwarka in delhi from there to dollar taboc gurugram .

Faridabad and this form has also entered utter pradesh the third group was seen in Palawan in Haryana and has also moved towards Uttar Pradesh as of now no locust swarms are spotted in any city areas the Delhi government has issued advisory Haryana Government swung into action and issued an alert across many districts of the state her IANA government has also eliminated about 35% of locust by spraying pesticides secretary of Department of Agriculture cooperation and farmers welfare Sanjay AG revolt reviewed.

The locust control operations he has said that the government

the locust control operations he has said that the government is concerned about the issue and is dealing agent Lee with the situation the center is in close touch with the affected states and an advisory has been issued 15 sprayers will start arriving soon from Britain drones will be used to spray pesticides on tall trees and in accessible places for effective.

control of locusts why plans are afoot to deploy helicopters for aerial spray ah stop a clock supply sir at that area may locus or control key again bar circuit Imahara Roscoe guess on relativity again k capitalist firm japa japan i de Pury Terracotta muguet or thus different with her me your RG gurugram chaos pass I attach water here’s some purchased our eco chart Roman turbid document reckon Turkey attach in unity lemon excuse Toyota Arab Quebec tire swamp.

aura a job a vector at Quattro da Penha Messara plan carton he copy controller sake guy and up next we’ll take a look at the several steps which are being taken by the central government and the governments of the affected states to strengthen the capacity of locust control now these include locust circle offices will have over 100 ground control equipment by July including those from the United Kingdom 60 control teams are over 200 central government personnel are engaged in locust control operations drones have been deployed for effective control of locust on tall trees and in inaccessible areas India is the first country which is using drones for locust control after finalizing all required protocols.

Enough stock of pesticides is available with the locus control organizations

enough stock of pesticides is available with the locus control organizations and the state government’s Ministry of Home Affairs has included new norms of assistance under strf and NDRF for dealing with the locust menace hiring of vehicles including water tankers tractors with spray equipment and purchase of plant protection chemicals is being insured financial assistance of sixteen point eight six crore rupees sanction for Rajasthan for purchase and hiring of equipments financial assistance of one point eight crore rupees sanction for good shot for purchase and hiring of equipments SOP of approved pesticides and awareness videos were also shared with all the stakeholders states no significant crop losses have been reported from .

Gujarat Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra chattisgarh Bihar and Haryana some minor crop losses have been reported in some districts of Rajasthan virtual meetings of the technical officers of Southwest Asian countries including Afghanistan India Iran and Pakistan taken place on weekly basis Southwest Asian countries share technical information related to locus control and to get a small on data correspondent Meghna is joining joining us Minka you can applaud .

our client about what measures are being taken by the government and the state governments added to that we also tell our viewers that at present no group of the locus or can we say that locus form has been seen in the city areas there were some borders or like as the surah fatiha areas where I think some spotted some forms of local surround so all these Peaks momentum I don’t have taken is how they how resilient best dang it I have seen a lot of times the DM who have denoted as be an answer and city has been allotted there and also Fisher would like to tell you.

That going to make you see the potential is there are some

that going to make you see the potential is there are some areas which have boxes of farmland you’re around and deli treatment of gorillas or you know the young Lockwood field these are actually having the organic farming and I found to do some horticulture so he have a soft target in space sir Lopez managed to invade in underneath and so these are the soft target point besides that they’re all products for in could see plantations and really the habitat in which.

we call bulerias and be supported so if in case there is an invasion routine these areas if continent flows to be hampered so because of that all the measures are being taken and also Melek oil and other organophosphate pesticides the use of expand food I’ve been a total amount so like all of this the people can be formatted people having have to keep that window shut people have also be asked to actually cover their clients in their plans are outside all these days having asked to be taken.

I also there are not only the zone as we find that there are zones

I also there are not only the zone as we find that there are zones which have been destroyed and in a seven area four areas shrinking of the pesticide but also there are prototypes of Maidan King gasps wheezes fear that abuses as pilot project also which have also been found effective and it is expensive cause in fact gives a specified range is being done at night in the morning these no fish so generally travel quite fall and after that in the night friend or the Phantom a fuckin.

grounds actually firing surfaces on so that we move from big science or charge on top of science or theater or other surfaces so they dressed and that for your family and artists a time which is which is used to exterminate these by trains in specified so all these situations are being monitored also the Delhi air traffic control has given the rectus to the pilot well to be cautious while taking off and landing so because there were some stones backwards positing and around the wall of your Amelia so this was also that was really first if you’re under advice please also gender.

sourcing so that they can be horses and we can you know accessorize their general pants and also keep the wind or shine signing off for utensils and making voices I’ve also been invited to people so that they can activate this factor locus as we know that this is one of the most destructive kind of locust that is there in India of all the kind of four species that are found here so all the conventions across the Americas having three is the phase velocity and rebuilding direction has moved into it but well if you know but we cannot deny the fact that there are there was.

How also be found for actually monetize the movement

an assumption that it might just be willing to forgive all situations I’ll mean taken care of control rooms how also be found for actually monetize the movement of the local I also to actually understand where the screen is running on what time all right now thank you so much for joining us with those inputs and also telling us more about the efforts which are being made by the central government along with the state governments in helping curb the Menace which is being witnessed by the do to the locust swarms we’ll keep you updated let’s get to other news now .

Assam has been receiving heavy rainfall since last few days 21 districts in Assam have been hit by floods due to heavy downpour in the last 24 hours Assam state disaster management Authority has said that the number of flood affected persons in Assam rose to 4 lakh sixty-two thousand.

seven hundred seventy seven on Saturday and two more human lives have been lost in guara district and last 24 hours a total of 18 persons have died in Assam during this wave of floods which began from 22nd of May the imagery is the worst a district in this spread of floods as ninety nine thousand hundred and sixteen people are feeling the wrath of the waters a total of 1,280 nine villages across the 21 districts of Assam including the imagery luck import cam loop would algorri durang and Buxa have been affected state government has set up relief camps throughout.

The state to deal with the situation 19400 96 inmates are taking

the state to deal with the situation 19400 96 inmates are taking shelter in 132 relief camps set up across the state crop area of 37 thousand three hundred thirteen point one four hectares is flooded according to the reports and we’re small on that meadow Smitha is joining us from Goha TV to let us know the latest we’ve told our viewers that Assam has been receiving rainfall since the last few days and how 21 districts have been hit by floods let us know the current situation and also to get us an update on the weather scenario in the state we do if I’m audible to you yes I am yes yes please continue let us know an update on the relief measures and also how has the Met department predicted.

weather and the rainfall in the next few days yes sweetie since there has been rain since last few days and there has been continuous rain for heavy rainfall throughout the time and because of which the various rivers including Brahmaputra is flowing over the indelible mark specially in nematic heart that is in your heart and areas like in karate let the gotham Kamloops metropolitan city that where the Brahmaputra level is quite hard is flowing over the India level marks and because of which the city of Karachi is under water and there has been various incidents of landslides.

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