Exaggerated claims are not going to help the situation on Friday

such exaggerated claims are not going to help the situation on Friday the External Affairs Ministry had said China has been amassing troops and armaments along the LSC in eastern Ladakh since early May it warned that continuation of this situation will the relationship according to news reports India is waiting for Chinese troops to fulfill its jewel sixth month of de-escalating and disengaging its troops along the 1597 kilometer line of actual control in the western sector we do a president a peanut da and former party president Nathan got curry half head part of a congress party for its continuous offensive against the center speaking at a press conference JP nadda posed several questions before the opposition party including about the alleged donations from the Chinese embassy to the Rajiv Gandhi found.


tion earlier he had questioned the Congress over a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Communist Party and sought to know the nature of the MOU Nitin Gadkari also questioned the Congress party is record on.

concerning national security earlier the Congress term the Indo

issues concerning national security earlier the Congress term the Indo Chinese border faceoff as one of India’s biggest diplomatic failures senior Congress leader couple Sybil on Saturday also demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi clear the air about the line of actual control and publicly condemned the brazen Chinese incursion on national MSME day on Saturday micro small and medium enterprises Minister Nitin Gadkari said the Narendra Modi government will do its best to make India a better place to do business addressing the webinar got curry said the government is backing small businesses in this hour of need he added that his vision is to increase MSM ease contribution in India’s GDP to over 50% Gama hamari food processing.

industry whoa I grow product processing industry o pre-cooling plan to cool story Jo we with Parker Chiodo gawad kalinga toggle Kuo Co migrant hooker K Mumbai Delhi Kolkata jamie anneka Jerrod nippon-ichi 1 coop Nogami Ruettiger Malaika M SME sector is where the biggest job creators in the country it contributes 29 percent of country’s GDP and 48 percent of exports as the country battles pandemic and the government has announced various.

schemes to support the sector in May 2010 Finance Minister Nirmala

schemes to support the sector in May 2010 Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a three point five trillion earth denier perborate package for MSMEs from the Kuwait stimulus package on the 15 Finance Commission strongly about the government’s efforts to revive the economy in the wake of co19 pandemic citing the resumption of both employment and economic activity Commission Chairman and casing Feld the economy is showing signs of recovery the Commission felt employment numbers have also gone up very sharply speaking to media after meeting .

r 15 finance commission he said this is the time in which the world believes I think that what needs to be protected is expenditure over fiscal deficit and this is exactly what the central government has done the CEO we must not concentrate on fiscal or debt we must concentrate on the fastest possible revival of the economy observing that the agriculture sector has been a least affected the Finance Commission said it will be instrumental in the revival of the economy well External Affairs Minister s Jaishankar has called for a dispassionate scrutiny and reform of all multilateral entities to make them purpose-built for present times addressing of virtual ministerial meeting of.

Alliance for multilateralism jae’sean could said

Alliance for multilateralism jae’sean could said the world stands at a transformative moment which is why he said India continues to call for reformed multilateralism relevant for the current age Jaishankar maintained that the world is facing a two-pronged attack of a pandemic and misinformation.

LIC AAO / AE Postponed 2020

going viral he said coronavirus pandemic has devastated the globalized economic system and has fundamentally affected ways of living the minister added suspicions of human interaction is fueled more often than not by fake news wrong information and targeted disinformation Jaishankar asserted that the way forward is to strengthen the belief in scientific approaches before the stress that everyone must set aside politics and focus on facts president Romney Cohen on saturday promulgated the banking regulation amendment ordinance 2020 the .

the banking regulation act 1949 as applicable

rdinance amends the banking regulation act 1949 as applicable to cooperative banks it seeks to protect depositors and strengthen cooperative banks by improving governance and oversight by extending the RBI’s powers to cover cooperative banks as well further it aims to ensure professionalism in cooperative banks and enables ther access to capital the ordinance also amends section 45 of the Banking Regulation Act to enable mergers and restructuring of banks without having to order a moratorium which limits withdrawals by depositors and also disrupts the banking system earlier this week the Union Cabinet decided to bring all cooperative banks under the RBI Union Informati.

n and Broadcasting Minister Prakash javadekar said that the move is intended to assure depositors of their money the government’s move affects 1482 urban cooperative banks and 58 multi-state cooperative banks they have about 8.6 crore depositors their total savings deposits amount to four point eight five lakh crore rupees waters above sixty five years of age people who tested positive occur with 19 and those under quarantine will be allowed to use postal.

the union law ministry has changed the conduct of election

ballot the union law ministry has changed the conduct of election rules awarding to enable this after Election Commission had approached it recently the election panel asked the ministry to allow cope with 19 positive voters to use the postal ballot to exercise their franchise this is an addition to the existing postal ballot facilities for people with disabilities and electors employed in the essential services post Corbett 19 .

andemic Bihar will be the first state to have assembly polls the state has nearly 7.2 crore voters the term of the 243 member assembly ends on 29th of November Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora in an interview to a daily said that the Commission is mulling measures to reduce the impact of Coe with 19 including.

the number of electors per polling station to a maximum of a 1000

restrictions on the number of electors per polling station to a maximum of a 1000, as opposed to the present limit of 1600 auxilary polling stations, will be created for additional voters the cc further said that all stakeholders have to ensure appropriate arrangements regarding social distancing sanitization disinfection use of masks and gloves and so on vice president America and I do pay tributes to Buncombe tranche are about high on his 180 second birth anniversary on Saturday Vice President America and I do pay tribute to bunking chanchad bath high on his 180.

second birth anniversary on Saturday remembered the great writer and poet who composed India’s national song one day Mottram the vice president said Buncombe chen chat about the high was also an accomplished journalist who founded bunga darshan who eyes president said younger generations must explore the works of banking change at both high extensively well that’s it in this edition of news tonight thanks for watching rods about TV and keep following a channel for more national and international top stories thank you and good night.

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