India and across the world coming up ahead first an update on the coronavirus

Gregory min Amash Baraka pool with you welcome to news tonight on Roger subhodh television all the day’s big stories from India and across the world coming up ahead first an update on the coronavirus situation in the country and India recorded the highest single day jump in ko with 19 cases with close to 20,000 cases on Sunday the country is the fourth worst hit by the pandemic reporting over 15,000 new patients.

Bihar Board 12th Result 2020

every day since Wednesday covered 19 cases in India crossed 5.48 lakh on Monday with 19 thousand 459 new cases reported on Sunday the country also witnessed 380 over 19 related deaths during the period taking the total number of casualties due to the virus to 16,000 475 the number of active cases stands at 2 lakh 10120 while 3 lakh twenty 1722 people have recovered the recovery rate is 58 point 6 7 % ICMR has tested about 84 lakh samples up to June 28th with 1.7 lakh samples tested on Sunday while the difference between recovered and active cases has increased to over 1.1 1 lakh the trend is not consistent yet if this trend holds for more than two weeks.

it can then be an indication of the disease having peaked

it can then be an indication of the disease having peaked and a decline having started the average positivity rate which is the ratio of positive cases to the number of tests conducted stood at eleven point four percent on Monday morning however there are wide variations in positivity rates between states if the TPR is too high it indicates that only the sickest are being tested and a large section of the population could be missing out along with high TPR high mortality is also indicative that a state is only testing.

the sickest and not screening enough people fork over 19 symptom even as cases in India continue to rise the growth rate has been declining cases in the country were growing at over 5% when cases crossed the 1 lakh mark as compared to 3.7 percent which is the present growth rate from 3 point 1 2 percent the fatality rate saw an initial decline but has increased in the last 10 days when over 2 lakh cases have been added India’s death rate is three point zero eight percent much lower than the global average Bureau report Raj Asafa TV and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced.

The setting up of a plasma bank in the city to fight ko with 19

the setting up of a plasma bank in the city to fight ko with 19 the city currently has over 83,000 cases and so far 2633 people have died of the disease in Delhi India’s first plasma bank will be set up at Delhi’s Institute of liver and biliary sciences Hospital making the announcement Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to recovered coronavirus patient’s to donate their plasma plasma Vologda sapped a gob Karuna Junko Parvati Kovac gina carano who are or what we call a cocoon kender antibodies bunt in June a coruña Seba jockey auger will finish a plasma leak alkane Karuna co k marriage cody idea Otto kuru no camber rigidity kozakowski Shari maybe antibodies Bonita European the laser kinetic here I can deliver plasma bank benign gay he APNIC Erica pahala plasma bank hookah Karan okay meri jaan collage karna Kelly – were made paella plasma Vancouver on Sunday the center and the Delhi government agreed to deploy a revamped.

Strategy to fight ko with 19 for remapping the containment zones

strategy to fight ko with 19 for remapping the containment zones the number of containment zones in the national capital stood at 421 on Sunday regarding an increase of 141 over two days the 11 districts in the capital have also initiated a health survey of more than 2 lakh 50,000 individuals who reside in these containment zones Delhi has also ramped up testing since last week meanwhile Arvind Kejriwal also pay tribute to a senior doctor at government-run lnj P Hospital who died on Sunday after battling the virus for close to a month 56 year old dr. Hashim Gupta was working as an anesthetist and had tested positive on 6th of June at least 31 doctors have died due to kovat 19 in the country so far Bureau report Raja sub ha TV meanwhile several other states are also witnessing.

a search in a cases of cope with 19 the worst affected state of Maharashtra recorded 5490 three cases in the past 24 hours taking its total number of covered 19 cases to one lakh 64 thousand six hundred and twenty-six this just a day after the state saw its highest single day spike of 6368 new cases on Saturday Mumbai on the other hand seems to be plateauing with a similar number of tests in May and June Mumbai’s share in the state’s overall cases has fallen from fifty nine point four nine percent on May 28 to forty five point eight nine percent On June 28 however districts like Pune Dule or Ranga bod Nagpur Nashik and so Lepore have recorded a nearly 10 percent surge in cases meanwhile ten containment zones in Navi Mumbai have been put under a fresh lockdown for a week till the 5th of July starting today amid a rising number of cases.

Maharashtra has launched the largest plasma therapy trial for over 19

Maharashtra has launched the largest plasma therapy trial for over 19 named project latina launching the program chief minister would have talked Rea urged those recovered from the corona virus infection to register on a plasma several other states recorded a rise in novel coronavirus cases in the past one week Telangana registered an 85 percent increase in Cobra 19 cases Andhra Pradesh saw a 47% increase while Karnataka registered a 44 percent increase del recorded 39% increase and Tamil Nadu saw a 38 percent rise in cases a central team led by joint.

health secretary is love Agarwal visited Hyderabad today to assess the ground situation the team visited the covert 19 dedicated hospitals and a few containment areas Karnataka has also issued fresh guidelines for people coming in from other states passengers traveling from Maharashtra to Karnataka will now be required to undergo a mandatory quarantine of 14 days of which seven days will be institutional people from other states will be put under mandatory home quarantine for two weeks the state has waived off institutional quarantine for people arriving from Delhi and Tamil Nadu amid all the news of ill health disease and deaths the coronavirus crisis has thrown up some inspiring tales as well one such positive account is that of an 85 year old shepherd from Karnataka who has done what many environmentalists have failed to achieve.

Monday our district of Karnataka octogenarian Shefford came Gorda

here are the details in the Monday our district of Karnataka octogenarian Shefford came Gorda has dug up 16 ponds to fight the water crisis the humble Shepherd used up his savings to convert a barren hillock in the sanatory will age into a bed of lakes applauding his efforts Prime Minister Modi refer to him as a water warrior of the country in his monkey bars radio address on Sunday super judges are gay Kamogawa G upon each January charity League in salsa con Rani apanatschi drama night a la banana Kabir doubt Iowa be a Pinilla came a panic is a merciful Durga Puja is me gents eruption company Tata Tata Talib banana gay community after on who me he occipital was gay.

upon aphorism say Osaka high digital on honey bunny Oh Barbarella

Kamogawa ji abduch sola allahu ta âlâ manager upon aphorism say Osaka high digital on honey bunny Oh Barbarella ho lake in ankara house Baha Baha another story the Prime Minister mentioned in his address was how migrant laborers in with the pradesh who worked to restore a river these are three hundred migrant laborers in bara bunkie who had to return to their village due to the lockdown working under the Manriquez scheme they restored the Kalyani River even while staying in isolation you placate barramundi my ghoul or cariah’s Durrani Kalyani not Iike pro critics or chronically come suru Korea Radhika who targeted eat hospice cake is on hospice Kahlo to say that Gao a animal quarantine Center marital he isolation central narrative.

hamara swami sahajanand is tarah up Nicosia latest American TV ethnic hospice Castillo Butler what would an asserting that Co with 19 pandemic cannot continue forever vice president m Venkaiah Naidu who called upon people to collectively fight the unprecedented health crisis in a Facebook post on Sunday night o appeal to the people to stay calm and have a firm belief that no storm can continue forever he said the government is taking continuous measures to boost.

The economy and advise people not to press the panic button

the economy and advise people not to press the panic button but reach out for the prevention and protection buttons as the country enters the unlock phase apart from the use of face masks practicing safe distancing and washing hands frequently as the only known ways of staying safe night also suggested the use of traditional foods herbal and medicinal plant preparations that have proved to be immunity boosters he also caution people not to get carried away by sensational news or panic inducing social media posts while asking them to refrain from forwarding unfounded and unverified messages the vice president said there could not be an easy or definitive answer to questions.

such as how long will the restricted lifestyle last and when will be returned to a normal lifestyle he said that we have to probably live with both the uncertainty of the duration of the pandemic and the stress it has induced an Air India will operate hundred and seventy flights in the fourth phase of the one-day pirate mission to bring back Indians from 17 countries these flights will operate between the third to the 15th of July passengers will be brought back from the US UK Canada Sri Lanka Philippines Saudi Arabia Russia and Ukraine Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh puddi said private airlines will have significant participation in phase four of the mission Air India will fly 114 flights while indigo and GoAir will operate 457 and 41 flights respectively 38 of these are on the India UK route and 32 on the India u.s. one Air India will operate 26 flights to Saudi Arabia indigo will operate 238 flights from Qatar 219 flights.

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