You can do to grow out your hair a little bit faste

Yey guys this TMS style i’m jose zuniga and for this week’s video we’re going to be going over a couple tips you can do to grow out your hair a little bit faster so as you guys have probably been noticing in my hair styling videos i’ve been doing lately my hair is getting pretty long I would say currently it falls a little bit underneath my bottom lip I don’t know is that like six seven inches I haven’t measured it yet but it’s pretty long and it’s probably the longest I’ve ever had it and that’s for a reason I’ve been purposely letting it grow out.


because I want to see how it looks and if I like it and since I know some of you guys want to grow out long hair here are six tips you can do to help you in this growth process so the first tip I’m going to give you is the most important tip don’t cut it it sounds simple but that is also the hardest tip to do you need to understand that your hair only grows on average anything from half an inch to an inch a month so you need to understand that this is a long term goal you need to set for yourself anything from five to six months should be your minimum you need to wait out to let your hair grow out.

The most your hair is going to grow is six inches

that means that in that time period the most your hair is going to grow is six inches and the least will be two to three inches but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the barbershop for example I’ve been letting my hair grow out on top so this is the area that’s long but my sides are still pretty short I carry what is called a pretty high skin fade or that’s what I go get when I go into the barber shop so every time I go into the barber shop all I ask my barber is leave what it is on top and clean up the sides and get a skin fade and what this does it makes me look clean and every two weeks.

you probably notice in my videos I have a clean haircut because every two weeks I’m still going to the barber shop and getting edged out getting cleaned up getting a clean fade so I always look like I’m getting a haircut but the hair on top is still growing tip number two is to condition your hair the more the better what if your hair is ever wet in the shower condition it and ideally you can even do it every day all a conditioner does is replace the loss lipids and proteins in your hair and this just promotes healthier hair and of course healthier hair grows faster the third tip something you’ve probably heard of array and it’s don’t shampoo your hair now this one’s a little bit tough especially if you’re a guy and if you’re a guy that works out like me because you’re sweating almost every day the reason why people don’t say to not shampoo.

your hair every day is because shampoo

your hair every day is because shampoo is designed to remove all the dirt all the oils all the product buildup in your hair and with it it also takes away some of the healthy stuff like the natural oils that promotes healthy hair and like I just stated healthy hair is what you want because that’s what’s going to help it grow faster tip number four is to use some sort of oil oils in your hair are very good for your hair some people like to use Moroccan oils others look use argan oil the one I use all the time is coconut oil and I talked about it in my previous video on how to have soft.

and silky hair coconut oil is great because it’s affordable you can find it literally in anywhere any grocery store organic oil or coconut oil really does a great job and it does a day-and-night if you’ve never tried it try applying coconut oil at night right before going to bed and I can guarantee you in the morning your hair is going to be silky soft it’s like a day and night difference and that’s why I really like using it so applying some sort of oil is really good for your hair and it’s very beneficial tip number five is to use some sort of leave-in conditioner again you’re going for healthy hair.

your hair can be the faster it’s going to grow so I’ve talked

the healthier your hair can be the faster it’s going to grow so I’ve talked about leaving conditioners before in the same video I just mentioned which is on the iCard above me and in that video I talked about the one that I use is from scotch porter it’s a hair balm same thing it’s a conditioner if you don’t want to buy that one which I’ll have it linked down below you can also go to your local Walgreens and look for leave-in conditioners sometimes it can be a little cheaper.


around ten dollars so I’ll try to link a couple down below that I I have used in the past and that I like so you guys can check it out and finally tip number six is the bonus tip because this tip is something that I personally haven’t used so I don’t know how effective it is going to be I have heard other people use it and say it’s great so if you really. want to push your hair and make it grow faster you can try some sort of multi vitamins or supplements that boost hair growth some very popular ones our Vivi’s call of is I can’t pronounce that it’s something like vivid skal how I’ll have it link below as well and biotin those are the two most popular.

You can use that if you’re doing everything else and you still don’t like

ones that I’ve heard of that you can use that if you’re doing everything else and you still don’t like how slow your hair is growing try that maybe to help boost it a little bit but like.I said the most important tip I can give you is patience and don’t cut it keep in mind I mean hair doesn’t grow overnight so at minimum you got to hit give your hair at least six months for it to start growing and getting the length you’re looking for so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it helped you out if it did remember to hit up the like up button below also remember to subscribe or putting out four videos every week now so that’s it for this week see you next time

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