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The city and in fact districts like the damaja cow and kam

as well around the city and in fact districts like the damaja cow and kam Luke rudl also have been hit by various landside incidents due to the continuous rain that has been going on here in a Sam and if I can say that other rivers like d’ivoire alley that is in Tony put a straight and put him re income loop district they are also flowing over the entry level mark and there has been various damages due to which various embankments have also been broken because of the heavy rainfall and since because the the rivers are showing in a danger level mark and there have been also various incidents like specially in Casa Donna where.

National Park where the flood is death because of which the animals are also been rescued and they have been taken to various safe places by the end ers people and so far no animals have been hurt and in the sense the number of human life lost is 18 right now and so far there has been no more incident of such as factory team all right thank you so much mr. Smith for joining us with those updates so that was our correspondent without telling us more about the current situation in Assam we’ll keep you updated let’s get you out a news Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Prakash.

A private news channel and he clarified the government stand on China

javadekar has said – a private news channel and he clarified the government stand on China he said that India wants good relations with all its neighboring countries including China but if anyone considers it as a weakness of India then they will have to face the consequences we are building infrastructure and you know golden that is that is what is actually happening on ground and I don’t know why China.

got irritated because whatever work we are doing in our part of the Elysee and therefore we have been very clear our conscience is clear and we want friends friendship with all and therefore Modi ji also – leader in building up friendship with China also but if you do mischief we will not allow – and will not take it like an accusing Congress party on alleged ties between .

China and Rajiv Gandhi foundation Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash javadekar said that a grand old party has compromised with the nation’s interest this is compromising the national interest this is compromising national interest because India has his peculiar relationship with China and we have issues to be solved and till they took money from China and they were negotiating they were also talking about FTS and as you know in 2003 our trade deficit with China was just 1 billion dollars and now it is more than during you create time it went to 38 billion dollars so this is how this happened this happened because Congress compromised on national interests there was another yesterday revelation that Dee Raju and the.

The foundation also received money from Prime Minister national

the foundation also received money from Prime Minister national relief fun this is loot this is fraud and more importantly what today you are revealing is a connection of Choksey to al-jayab funds I also you got to see what it is Yunnan HRD minister Amish poke really shank virtually participated in the g20 extraordinary virtual education ministers meeting yesterday the special session was convened to discuss the effects of covert 19 pandemic on the education sector the HRD minister said that to bring all eerie sources on a common platform we are soon going to launch Prime Minister Eve with their program all educational eerie sources will be brought on one platform under the concept of .

one nation one digital plot one digital program further there will be one dedicated television channel per grade for classes 1 to 12 to provide quality educational material benefiting over 25 crore schoolchildren also 100 top ranked universities in the country are soon going to start full-fledged online programs Sabri Orleans and hedonic ormolu t / donkeys are here the enmity with Jackie the head one nation one platform or one class of one channel of the hanukkah tech savvy chattering deaf young sir ANCA online pata Graham o plug the Quranic Asuna shiitake re up next we take a look at the impact of coronavirus on the country the total number of recovered core with 19 cases has fast.

The number of active core with 19 cases the difference between recoveries

Outland the number of active core with 19 cases the difference between recoveries and active cases has exceeded 1 lakh currently the recovered cases have exceeded the active cases by one lakh 6661 while the number of active cases stands at two lakh 3051 the number of cured cases is 3 lakh nine thousand seven hundred twelve now with this encouraging status as a testimony to the ramped up testing facilities India now has 112 1026 diagnostic labs dedicated to cope with 19 this includes 741 in the government sector and 285 private labs the total number of samples tested up to 27 June is 82 lakh twenty seven.

thousand eight hundred and two a quick global update on Cove in nineteen the number of Cove in nineteen cases is approaching the one crore mark globally it rejas reached ninety nine point five three lakh at least four lakh ninety eight thousand hundred and seventy eight facilities facilities have been recorded due to Cove in nineteen worldwide.

The US continues to lead the world in Cove in nineteen cases

the US continues to lead the world in Cove in nineteen cases with more than twenty five point zero 8 lakh confirmed cases and over 1.25 lakh deaths Brazil is the second most infected country of the world with over thirteen point one three lakh cases while Russia stood at a third position with six point two six lakh cases a global fundraising meeting on Saturday raised six point nine billion u.s. dollars from the United States the European Commission and also numerous .

countries to fight covert nineteen with many participants stressing that an eventual vaccine should be available to anyone who needs it forty governments took part in the global summit and shared their views the money will be used for covert 19 tests treatments and vaccines and also to support the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities first we need a vaccine then we need to make this vaccine affordable and for that I’m trying to convince high-income countries to reserve vaccines not only for themselves but also for low and middle-income countries and this is what our campaign global goal unite for our future is all about this is a stress test for solidarity and this event here gives me hope and as the United States recorded the largest single-day increase of new cases of Kobe.

Florida bars and restaurants were slapped with new restrictions

19 Texas in Florida bars and restaurants were slapped with new restrictions in a reversal of his early moves to relax restrictions Texas governor has ordered bars across the state to close and required the restaurants to limit indoor seating capacity to 50% in an attempt to combat infections mayor of a Houston suburb in post and overnight curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every night until further notice Florida another state that reopened its economy relatively quickly told bar owners in the state to immediately stop.

serving alcohol on their premises Florida on Saturday once again shattered its record for daily call with 19 cases with nine thousand five hundred eighty five confirmed infections in a bid to unwind the emergency measures enforced to stop the spread of Cove in nineteen British government has released new travel advisory allowing or essential travel outside Britain the government has also a renounced 14-day quarantine for the countries it deemed to be at low risk for the pandemic according to the new east measures British government will categorize nations into.

Out of which passengers arriving from only the red zone countries

green amber and red out of which passengers arriving from only the red zone countries will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days the death toll in the country from Kobe 19 is more than 40 3590 while the number of cases has increased three lakh 11720 stop kovat app witches France states supported contact tracing application has been downloaded by 1.9 million people which is just 2.7 percent of its population france’s digital Affairs Minister Cedric Oh said that people are uninstalling this app which could be explained as being less afraid from the pandemic.

launched on June 2nd in order to contain the spread of coronavirus the app warns users if they have come into contact of any infected person from co19 the death toll from the virus in France is more than 29,000 780 with the number of cases crossing 1 lakh 99,000 470 not certain the solution of the news is our thanks for watching Namaskar.

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