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Individuals will be prohibited between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

individuals will be prohibited between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. interstate and intrastate burst services will remain shut Sam Chennai West Bengal have also implemented lockdown in some parts Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday .

ddress a 90th birthday celebrations of Reverend Joseph mark Tama metropolitan in button Mita in Kerala why video conferencing in his addresses spoke at length about measures the government has taken to bring about economic.

bihar board inter result 2020

RO you the central government is taking steps to mitigate the impact of the covert 19 pandemic on the economy said Prime Minister Modi while addressing the event of Kerala as Mar Thoma church our government had always been guided by sensitivity and a long-term vision to make India a growth engine we have taken decisions not from comfortable government office in Delhi but after feedback from people of the grano it is this spirit that ensured every.

said Prime Minister Modi while addressing the even

Indian has access to a bank account over 800 families have access to smoke-free kitchens over 1.5 crore houses have been made to give shelter to the homeless India is home to the largest health care scheme in the world I will show my parents the Prime Minister said India is much better placed than many other nations but he cautioned that people should not let their guard down yet Prime Minister Modi said in the past few weeks the government has taken people friendly and growth friendly decisions in the las .

Few weeks the government of India has addressed both short-term and long-term issues relating to the economy from the sea to space from the farms to the factories people friendly and growth friendly decisions have been taken the call for up manoeuvre hearth self-reliant India will ensure economic strength and prosperity for every Indian a month ago the Union Cabinet clear the pradhan mantri matzah Sampada Oh Jenna this game is going to transform our fishery sector prime minister modi commended dr. joseph marr toma for dedicating his life for the betterment of society and the nation dr. Martha MA praised the government’s efforts to tackle the cove in nineteen crisis Bu.

Rodgers of her TV the number of new Karuna virus

eau report Rodgers of her TV the number of new Karuna virus cases is rising sharply in several countries since the easing of lockdown restrictions including in United States even as pandemic curb is flattening in the parts of Europe on Friday the .

nited States reported more than 40,000 new covert 19 cases its biggest daily jump so far the nationwide cases surpassed 2.4 6 million with over 1 lakh 25,000 deaths most US states are reimposing restrictions in view of the new cases Texas ordered closing of all bars from Friday while Florida banned alcohol at such establishments in addition restaurant and outdoor gathering has also been scaled down in Texas other states including Arizona Arkansas Delaware and Idaho have also temporarily halted plans of further reopening the economy the White House coronavirus.


task force held a press conference on Friday saying that the COBIT 19 pandemic has researched in many states and issuing a warning to younger people that they could be posing a risk to the elderly who may be more vulnerable to the coronavirus the overwhelming majority now of people are getting infected our young people likely the people that you see in the clips and in the paper or out in crowds enjoying themselves understandably no blame there understandably but the thing that you really need to realize that when you do that you are part of a so if you get infected you will infect someone else who clearly will infect someone else we know that happens on the same day Brazil reported.

forty six thousand eight hundred and sixteen new cases

forty six thousand eight hundred and sixteen new cases bringing the country’s total to over 1.2 million infections and more than 55,000 deaths Mexico on Friday announced easing restrictions further allowing more businesses to reopen in parts of the country despite continued high infection and death rates show-ups Street markets and athletic complexes with limited capacity and hours will be allowed to reopen by July 6th bars gyms schools and other businesses will remain closed Britain is planning to drop a 14 day.

quarantine period for people arriving from countries having a low risk for kovat 19 infection it is reviewing travel arrangements with countries including France Greece and Spain in this regard on Friday French President Emmanuel macron held discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin McCraw expressed full support and solidarity with Russia on the health economic and social impact of the pandemic meanwhile new cases have also been reported from some countries that had initial success in controlling the virus on Saturday China reported 21 new cases including.

18 in Beijing the city has reported over 297 cases since June 11th

18 in Beijing the city has reported over 297 cases since June 11th when it reported its first case in the current outbreak at a local food market South Korea also reported 51 new cases including 35 in the seoul metropolitan area australia’s victoria state recorded 41 new coronavirus cases on saturday Victoria now has 204 of the country’s total of 270 active cases most new infections are linked to travelers arriving from abroad as the country continues to ease restrictions on Saturday two new covert 19 cases were reported in New Zealand.

bringing the number of confirmed cases to 1172 the number of active cases in the country is now 16 meanwhile the World Health Organization is planning to deliver 2 billion doses of covert 19 vaccine by the end of 2021 in addition 500 million tests and 245 million courses of treatments will be provided to low and middle-income countries by mid 2021 it’s clear that to bring kovat 19 under control and to save lives we need effective vaccines diagnostics and therapeutics in unprecedented.

quantities and at unprecedented speed and it’s clear that because

quantities and at unprecedented speed and it’s clear that because all people are at risk of carbon 19 all people should have access to all the tools to prevent detect and treat it not only those who can afford to pay for them worldwide the Cova 19 pandemic is nearing 10 million infections with over 4 lakh 97 thousand fatalities India has warned China that trying to alter the status quo on the ground by resorting to force will not just damage peace in the border areas but can also impact the broader bilateral relationships in an interview to news agency pti india’s ambassador to china vikram mystery said the only way to resolve the.

current military standoff in eastern Ladakh was for Beijing to realize that force or question is not the right way forward mystery asserted that actions taken by the Chinese forces have damaged considerable trust in the bilateral relationship he said the Chinese side needs to take a careful view of the relations and to decide which direction the ties should move mystery said the Chinese side also needs to stop creating obstruction in the normal patrolling patterns of Indian troops he rubbished China’s claim of severity over Galvan Valley in Ladakh as completely untenable saying.

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