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while go air will have 41 flights from Kuwait Air India is operating

from Kuwait while go air will have 41 flights from Kuwait Air India is operating 495 chartered flights to various countries in the third phase which began on the 10th of June it will end on the 4th of July the government has brought back one lakh 50 thousand Indians till date through around 700 flights from various countries and worldwide coronavirus cases have surpassed 1 crore with over 5 lakh fatalities the virus is spreading sharply in many parts of the world including the Americas South Asia and Africa the United States continues to remain the worst affected country with more than 2.5 million cases and at least 1 lakh twenty five thousand five hundred deaths on Sunday US Vice President Mike Pence extended support for coronavirus testing.

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in Texas as the daily number of cases there increased from an average of about 2,000 to more than 5,000 per day over the past few weeks he also urged people to practice good hygiene amid rising cases as to you the people of Texas with you and we’re going to stay with you we’re going to make sure that the Texas and your health care system in Texas have the resources have the supplies have the personnel to meet this moment the situation in Brasil continues to worsen with 552 deaths reported on Sunday raising the country’s death toll to 57 thousand six hundred.

twenty-two over thirty thousand new cases were reported bringing the national

and twenty-two over thirty thousand new cases were reported bringing the national counts to over 13 lakh infections the country is working to revive its economy despite the rise in cases Rio de Janeiro has reopened its stores hairdressers and beauty salons Sao Paulo is also planning to reopen restaurants bars and beauty salons in early July Britain is considering imposing a lockdown in the City of Leicester after a surge of Karuna virus cases there on Monday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that new cases in the city were concerning and has urged people to remain cautious despite an easing of restrictions nationwide we are concerned about Leicester were concerned by any local outbreak and I want to stress to people that you know we are not out of the woods yet it’s very important you know we’re making these these cautious calibrated steps were opening as much of of hospitality as we can on on.

The economy as we can Spain has continued the ban on cruise liners docking

July the 4th may be as much of the economy as we can Spain has continued the ban on cruise liners docking at its ports until the pandemic is brought under control although Spain has reopened its borders to European tourists in an effort to revive the economy meanwhile Poland and France took further steps towards normalcy as they held elections that had been delayed by the virus we’re in mandatory masks maintaining social distancing and carrying their own pens to sign voting registers French voters cast ballots in a second round of municipal elections some countries are experiencing a resurgence of infections forcing authorities to partially reinstate lock downs China has imposed a strict log.

near Beijing to curb a fresh outbreak nearly half a million people are banned from traveling in and out of an Shin country in hebei province in addition testing capacity has been ramped up to 3 lakh tests a day in Beijing 60 new cases of Cobre 19 were reported in Tokyo on Sunday the highest number since the state of emergency was lifted across Japan on May 25th Victoria recorded 75 new cases on Monday making it Australia’s biggest daily outbreak since April 11th in response the state has ramped up its testing regime and is considering reimposing social distancing restrictions however prime minister Scott Morrison has called on States to continue easing restrictions insisting the country’s economy must be revived core calendars of the Indian and Chinese army so we’ll hold a meeting after to sue in Ladakh on Tuesday as part of efforts to deescalate.

The line of actual control in Ladakh according to news reports

tension on the line of actual control in Ladakh according to news reports Tuesday’s meeting will be held at the border point in – sure this will be the 3rd army commander level meeting after border tensions erupted in early May in their last meeting on the 22nd of June both sides reached a consensus on disengaging from all friction points along the line of actual control amid heightened tensions at the border with China the Indian Navy has also increased its surveillance missions and beefed up operational deployment in the Indian Ocean region.

the Navy is also ramping up its operational cooperation with various friendly naval forces like the US Navy and Japan maritime self-defense force on Saturday the Indian Navy had a crucial exercise with Japanese Navy in the Indian Ocean region an area where Chinese naval vessels and submarines are making frequent forays on some other news the government has unveiled ecommerce initiative grameen eStore to promote online ordering and delivery focused at the village level aimed at helping citizens during the kovat 19 pandemic it is providing a game-changing moment to a new breed of entrepreneurs.

This report the Corbett 19 induced lockdown prevented the operation

details in this report the Corbett 19 induced lockdown prevented the operation of local Mundy’s with farmers and growers losing money on unsold perishable produce however village level entrepreneurs are taking online orders for deliveries at doorsteps using the grameen a store app and an extensive network of common service centers the CSC Grameen East stores are aiming to cover all the villages in India with at least one online store and also creating two million jobs in logistics which Lakewood doma he named a Cove aid job Cir hey taps a logo KO ake zeroeth.

buddy he do Kanpur Jaya bina own moon Kelly a salmon opening karthik pontianak awake Surya ho or Grameen Lacombe a is ko karna Kelly a common service centers apnea program in east towards may battle Raheja or Easter Egg a Grameen Easter’s dictate they a clock says the other comments of common service centers name stop it Carly a her the Ministry of Electronics and information technology has also partnered with me grocer a cloud-based ecommerce platform CSE Grameen a store helps to provide.

Digital solutions to local caranas farmers small and medium food

digital solutions to local caranas farmers small and medium food processing industries even at the village level whoa her heart pancetta hey hey buddy Daisy say Borah he popular Sid hora hey or a little car ho sakta hacking a Barbara movement bonsai or is go home ecommerce nahi cannot hang it is Co honking in local commerce joking a local commerce.

Co bar-abba there ahaha as India continues to grow as a digital economy the Grameen a store is expected to provide rural with entrepreneurship opportunities and employment opportunities based on digital infrastructure with Amisha Raja Sabha TV and as part of the art enabler paratha beyond food processing Minister her cymryd called battle on Monday launched the pradhan mantri scheme for formalization of micro food processing enterprises known as seppuku Ron the scheme is expected to generate total investment of 35,000 crore rupees food processing Minister.

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